One Step Closer TO STRESS-LAND!!!

I can’t believe I’m starting year 11(senior year to the non-british people) next Thursday, it only feels like yesterday I was sat in my first lesson singing Jessie J to myself and drumming on the science lab tables

I don’t know how I’m going to go get ready for work experience, look for a college that will take on someone with special needs, prom, GCSEs, doing homework, going History coursework catch-up, sleeping, procrastinating, socialising with my family, starting occupational therapy(oh and doing my Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday videos too)

I’ll try my best to do this because my fuck I don’t give up easily!


Just some of the things the Troyler Fandom has done this year




  • Crashed Prizeo several times
  • Raised half a million dollars for charity
  • Crashed
  • Got TRXYE to #1 in 32 countries
  • Got Happy Little Pill #1 in 20 countries
  • Crashed
  • Voted the heck out of the TCA’s for Tyler and Troyler collab, AND WON

i feel only one word is appropriate here….SLAYYYYYY

dont forget we also crashed itunes